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Hello Everyone,
A few announcements this week:
Ive got alot of messeges and information today. First i would like to thank the following members who attended one messed up practice:
   If i forgot anyone im sorry. I apologize for such an unorganized practice. As you know the site went down but we found away around it. It is back up now and being updated. You may like it or you may not. Anyways i thank you all for following in such a messed up evening. Next week will be better. Also i hope you enjoyed the 17thabn for them joining us. They are good friends to us so you will see them again.
   Ok as you know our homepage was  http://506theasy.tripod.com  Ive chnaged it to www.506theasycompany.cjb.net     There is a nw format etc. Much better.
   Ok we have a Spec Ops team in the mix. Ive added a few of you but if you want to tryout you need to contact Lt.Spears . He will give you a tryout etc.
We are still under heavy recruitment so get us some recruits. the more recruits you get the more comendations you get. We want to be the best Company so lets get moving.
The first is Neo who has been promoted to Cpl for his efforts and willingness to the clan.
Also Kite to Sfc. She will be assisting Mack in the hunt for recruits in HQ.
Also Lt.Spears has been given the position of Spec Ops Team Leader.
Lt.Stingray is away for College. Ive decided to let him be with his work and put him in a more settle environment. He will be the Public Affairs Officer until he returns full time in the summer. He is still with us but he want be on as much as he wishes.
So in this case ive decided on the new XO of Easy Company. 2Lt.Hellborn has shown all potentials in this area. pleasure to Hellborn has been promoted to Lt and given  the position of Company XO.
There will soon be two practices a week. Im getting the times soon.
506th Pir
Easy Company
={EASY}=Capt.Winters     {Commanding Officer}




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